Fear Free Veterinarian Medicine

While some pets love going to the veterinarian or the animal hospital, this feeling is not universal. There are some pets that experience great anxiety and fear over the prospect of going to see the vet, which is why Lewisburg Veterinary Hospital has made the commitment to be a fear-free veterinarian clinic for pets in Greenbrier County.


What Does It Mean to Be a Fear Free Veterinarian?

The goal of a fear free veterinary clinic is to reduce feelings of fear and anxiety among pets who visit the clinic. The process of fear free vet medicine is one that requires a great deal of cooperation and communication between pet owners and the animal hospital staff. Not only does it involve how things proceed once the pet reaches the vet clinic. It also involves how the pet is transported, comfort levels with pet carriers or pet restraints, and even the stress of the drive. Again, some pets love going for rides in the car while others find it a stressful experience. Consider playing soothing music or silence if your pet appears stressed during the ride to the veterinarian clinic.

Other aspects of fear free veterinary medicine involve what takes place once your pet arrives. One consideration is keeping cats and dogs in separate waiting areas. In some instances, pets may be brought into the medical examination room rather than waiting in the waiting area. Owners are encouraged to bring favorite toys, treats, or even brushes to soothe their pets while being examined.

All parties will communicate in calm soothing tones throughout the examination and vet techs and staff will approach pets in a slow and non-threatening manner.

Why Does Fear Free Veterinary Medicine Matter?

Your pet is part of your family. We understand that. That is why it was so important for us to make our clinic a fear free safe space for the animals we treat. We understand that anxiety is something pets of all varieties experience and that this fear and the stress animals experience may discourage pet owners from getting the preventative care their pets need.

Our solution is to offer fear free animal care at all stages so pet owners can get the preventative care their pets need with confidence. Contact us at Lewisburg Veterinary Hospital in Greenbrier County today to learn more about our animal hospital and our fear free treatment methodology and practices. We believe it will make a world of difference for your experience as well as it does for your pet’s vet experience.



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