Preventative & Wellness Care

Lewisburg Veterinary Hospital Offers Preventative & Wellness Care

Pets can benefit from regular visits to the vet, even when they aren’t sick. Wellness care has become an important way to help your animals stay in good health and manage conditions that may arise as they become older. Wellness includes taking important preventative measures. These include flea and tick control to fight off external parasites, heartworm testing to make sure that your companions animals are free of heartworms, and vaccinations to help aide their immune system when they encounter a disease or illness. At Lewisburg Veterinary Hospital in Lewisburg, WV, we provide wellness and preventative care to ensure furry animals are in excellent health throughout life.

Lewisburg Veterinary Hospital Offers Preventative & Wellness Care

What Is Pet Wellness Care?

Wellness care is a health strategy that involves keeping pets healthy, not just waiting until they are sick to see the vet. It involves taking active measures to manage weight, detect internal parasites, prevent external parasites, and improve general health. Our veterinarian will give your pet a thorough physical exam and may do fecal testing, urinalysis, and blood tests. This information informs our vet about what’s going on inside your pet’s body. If an infection is present, if worms are found, or other health condition, our veterinarian can immediately treat the problem. During your pet’s exam, you can also take the opportunity to ask questions or voice concerns about his or her health and behavior. 

Elements of Preventative Care for Pets

Preventative care can help to avoid health problems that can make your companion animals miserable and affect their general health. Many pets develop weight problems as they age due to consuming too many treats and not getting enough exercise. Our veterinarian will weigh your animal at every visit to closely monitor weight gain or loss and may advise you on a change of diet, if needed. Since there are many diseases out there that can harm your furry animal, we can help create a vaccination schedule based on your pet’s needs. Our vet may even administer some shots at the exam appointment so that he or she is up-to-date with them. We will also ask about flea and tick control measures you are taking and can advise you on the best products for your pet’s needs. Heartworm disease is transmitted through the bit of a mosquito. You can prevent this life-threatening disease with regular testing and heartworm medications. Dental care is also important to your animal’s health, and we can discuss about the need for a pet teeth cleaning at the time of the wellness exam.

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Dr. Mann and the team at Lewisburg Veterinary Hospital are committed to providing quality healthcare to their patients in Lewisburg, WV and nearby communities. At our animal hospital, we offer a wide range of vet services, including pet exams, vaccine shots, dental care, and laser therapy. Call Lewisburg Veterinary Hospital today at 304-645-1434 for an appointment to have your pet examined, or to learn about the preventative care that can help extend your pet’s lifespan.



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