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Here at Lewisburg Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarian offers a multitude of services to help care for your pet and treat your pet. Some of the services that we offer preventative care services, designed to help your pet stay healthy and live a full and complete life. Other services are designed to help care for your pet when he or she is injured or ill. Read on to learn some of the most common services that we have to offer at our animal hospital. 


Preventative Care

The first step in the health of your pet starts with being informed about areas you can focus on. Preventive care is vital. Ensuring your pet's diet and nutrition is just what they need goes a long way in extending their life. A key sign related to their health is the overall dental health of your pet. Dental disease can be signs of heart or kidney problems. It is also important to get vaccinations on time and keep them up-to-date. We will also recommend an annual examination to find changes in the health of your pet as part of a preventative care plan. 

Senior Pet Care

Much like humans, the older the pet, the more frequent examinations need to be performed. During a senior pet exam, all physical aspects of your pet will be inspected. Their fecal matter may also be examined, this is important to find possible intestinal parasites. 

Dental Care

The general overall health of your pet is associated with their oral health. Unfortunately, many pet parents don't know when their pet is experiencing dental problems. You want to bring them in when you notice changes in their appetite, when they refuse to eat or when there has been a dramatic drop in their weight. They could also drop food that they put in their mouth or have excessive drooling.  Other early warning sign include bad breath or even tooth loss. 

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy may be an option for your pet. Low-level laser therapy helps treat musculoskeletal pain that your pet may experience. It will also help reduce inflammation that may occur from wound healing. Laser therapy can also help with bacterial and viral infections. The purpose of laser therapy is to minimize incision-reducing damage to your pet and assisting in recovery time. 

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